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Improving Life with Digital Companions

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"Hey, watch out, you can’t turn left now! There is a car in your blindspot."

"Today is Liz’s birthday. Do you want to call her and wish her a happy birthday?"

"Hey Jack, pleasure to see you again. Coffee and badge ready, John will be here shortly."

Who we are

We believe a new kind of relationship needs to exist between humans and machines. Advancements in artificial intelligence enable a new level of interaction, yet until now we have been limited to voice driven utilitarian experiences.

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Moving from
Digital Assistants
to Digital Companions

  • Anticipating our needs...

    A companion provides natural, intuitive interactions while proactively anticipating our needs.
  • Always at our side...

    A companion is always at our side, and strives to make our lives richer.
  • Guides through technology...

    A companion knows best how to guide us and interface with the technology that surrounds us.
  • Social entity…

    A companion is a social entity we want and love to interact with.

What we do

Intuition Robotics creates digital companion technology that transforms machines into a new type of social entity that:


The scene and the context


The best course of action against various pre-defined goals


Out rich experiences through multi-modal personalized expressions



Our Cognitive AI platform empowers the creation of digital companions for brands that create amazing hardware. We combine contextual understanding and emotional awareness to create a new experience that allows consumers to intuitively interact with the sophisticated capabilities of the device, while providing a surprising and delightful experience.

‘Q’ currently powers our consumer product, ElliQ, a proactive social robot for older adults, and the in-car agent for a leading automotive OEM.

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