About Us

We founded Intuition Robotics with the goal of positively impacting and enriching people’s everyday lives with technology. While our mission began with helping older adults stay active and engaged, we’ve always been focused on the bigger picture: redefining the relationship between humans and machines with digital companion agents. Intuition Robotics is led by a multidisciplinary team of machine learning and computer vision experts, full stack developers, interaction designers, creative writers, UX specialists, and much much more.


  • Dor Skuler

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Itai Mendelsohn

    Co-Founder & VP R&D

  • Roy Amir

    Co-Founder & VP Product

  • Avishai Fishman


  • Dafna Presler

    VP Marketing

  • Assaf Gad

    VP Strategy

  • Advisors

  • Yves Behar

    Principal Designer, Fuseproject

  • Amir Faintuch

    SVP & GM at Globalfoundries, former SVP, Intel

  • Dr. Goren Gordon

    Head of Curiosity Lab, Tel Aviv University

  • Dr. Guy Hoffman

    Head of HRC2 Lab, Cornell University

  • Jody Holtzman

    Former SVP, Market Innovation, AARP

  • Prof. Gal Kaminka

    Head of Robotics Consortium, Bar-Ilan University

  • Prof. Don Norman

    Former VP, Advanced Technologies, Apple

  • Ronen Soffer

    Former GM, Intel, Software Products

  • Investors

    Our team of passionate creators

  • Yair Uziel

    Project Manager

  • Adam van der Kruk

    Software Developer

  • Adam Gluck

    Automation Engineer

  • Noam Burshtein

    Software Developer

  • Matan Koby

    Software Developer

  • Eitan Waltman

    Software Developer

  • Tzuri Kresh

    Software Developer

  • Liya Katz

    Software Developer

  • Chen Sorias

    Product Manager

  • Ori Weingert

    QA Engineer

  • Dor Zion

    Software Developer

  • Vadim Gusis

    Software Developer

  • Guy Benadon

    Product Designer

  • Liat Mor

    QA Engineer

  • Alan Ben Seralvo

    Software Developer

  • Shay Zweig

    Software Developer

  • Inbar Yizhar Barnea

    QA Engineer

  • Esty Merhav

    Software Developer

  • Brian Shulman

    Director, Business Development

  • Megan Piran

    Conversational Designer

  • Bar Zmora

    Data Scientist

  • David Ben Abou

    Director of Engineering

  • TaiTai

    Robot System Engineer

  • Ofri Oster

    Software Developer

  • Natalie Hoke

    Marketing Content Manager

  • Assaf Goren

    QA Engineer

  • Noa Shitrit

    Product Manager, ElliQ

  • Yoav Caspin

    Product Manager

  • Tzion Sasson

    Software Developer

  • Shlomi Azoulai

    Design Innovation

  • David Edery

    Software Developer

  • Bat Primo

    QA Engineer

  • Adam Bunim

    Software Developer

  • Falene McKenna

    Software Developer

  • Einat Petchersky

    Office Manager & PA

  • Natania Lipman

    Customer Support

  • Danielle Ishak

    UX Researcher

  • Einat Mishaeli


  • David Cynman

    UX Researcher

  • Eran Shachar

    QA Engineer

  • Assaf Sinvani

    Software Developer

  • Anna Stylianou

    UX Designer

  • Raz Ben Yehuda

    Software Developer

  • Alex Katsnelson

    QA Engineer

  • Berry Ventura Lev

    Software Developer

  • Rami Awad

    Hardware Technician

  • Haim Halbfinger

    Director, Customer Service & Delivery

  • Shirley Salzman

    Director, Business Development

  • Ruti Avital

    UX Designer

  • Eldar Ron

    Software Developer

  • Lara Speier Norman

    Content Curation Manager

  • Ella Krutokop

    Head Of Operations & HR

  • Anna Mowszowski

    Content Curator

  • Shlomit Finegold

    Product Analyst

  • Or Zarmi

    HR & Recruitment Manager

  • Nimrod Katz

    QA Engineer

  • Alex Keagel

    Data Scientist

  • Eran Zehavi

    Creative Director

  • Eytan Weinstein

    Lead Conversational Designer

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